Sunday, June 9, 2013

The National Mall ~ Washington, D.C.

We are exhausted! :-) Today we walked all over DC and it was hot & muggy, but we had a good time.

One of the nice things about Cherry Hill Park is that it is only three miles from the nearest Metro station and even has Metro bus pick-up in the park. Since today was Sunday and parking is free at the Metro (not so Monday- Friday), we drove to the nearest station. However during the week with all the commuter traffic, we’ll take the bus.

Back to today…….so we took the Metro (with our new SmartTrip cards) to the Archives station and started out walk towards The Mail. Along the way we stopped at the White House and took in the views of both the front & the back, as well as Mrs. Obama’s garden. We would have enjoyed a tour, but due to the sequestration, all tours are cancelled – big bummer.


We continued along back towards the mall, going by the Washington Monument which is under construction due to the 2011 earthquake, so bummer number two, we couldn’t go onto the Washington Monument. But it was still cool to see.

We passed the World War II Memorial which seemed to still be under construction
 nd continued along the Reflecting Pool towards the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial was simply magnificent.


We took a quick jaunt to the Vietnam Memorial which is quite somber (as were all the war memorials, quite honestly). There were a few photos and quite a few flowers places by the wall, as well as a National Park Service volunteer taking an impression of a name of the wall for someone.

It was here that an NPS ranger mentioned that the best views of the city were atop the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, so off we went, past the WatergateComplex and into the Kennedy Center.  Well, if you’re in the area, bypass this idea. Although the Kennedy Center was very nice, the views weren’t much.

So back to The Mall, with a quick stop at the Albert Einstein monument by the National Academy of Sciences.



where one can see Thomas Jefferson Memorial across the water.

By now we had spent about six hours walking (about 6-7 miles, we think) and were ready to call it a day, so back to Metro and the ride home.  More tomorrow!  :-)

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