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Workamping Can Support Your RVing Lifestyle!!!

This is a long post, but be sure you read to the very end – there is important information for those of you ready to live your RV dream!! Grab a cup of coffee & get comfortable……….

So one of the things we want to do while fulltiming is to do some workamping.

What is Workamping?
An RV’ing single, couple or family who volunteer or work part-time or full-time in exchange for a free RV/campsite and/or pay and/or……..options are unlimited! :-) Combine your interests with places you’d like to live, see and enjoy ~ support your RV’ing lifestyle!

We actually have a couple workamping jobs lined up for 2012 already – one will be Suzanne teaching sign language in an RV park in Mesa, AZ while Brad works on the décor team. The other will be a five-month stint at Mount Rushmore National Monument working in their bookstores – this is sort of a dream-job for Suzanne. Of course we will write more about these areas and our jobs when we’re in both places. We found our about both of these jobs (and many more) through Workamper News.

What is Workamper News?
Workamper News ( has been around since 1987 and connects great workers with great jobs. Employers (4,500+) use Workamper News to find RV’ing singles or couples ~ they know about the lifestyle, know about the quality of people they hire, and know about the unique aspects of RV’ers. Workampers use Workamper News to find jobs that are in places they want to be, are activities they enjoy and are with like-minded people.

Why do people workamp?
  • Give back to an area or organization you’ve enjoyed over the years.
  • Try on different “hats” or  learn a new skill.
  • Enjoy the freedom of working just a few days, a few weeks, a few months or more.
  • Spend time in one place for an entire season
  • Trade for free RV/camp sites. Perhaps free utilities, cable, propane, laundry…
  • Earn money and/or reduce expenses! :-)
What type of jobs do Workampers Do?
Anything you can think of……….
  • Nascar races for a weekend or longer
  • Spring training camp vendors
  • Pumpkin and Christmas tree sales
  • Amazon hires hundreds of workampers each holiday season
  • Camp hosting – private and public parks; lighthouse keepers
  • Wildlife sanctuaries, animal shelters, waterfowl preserves, gardens
  • State/national park/national forest, COE  jobs – visitor centers, trail guides, interpretation, and more………
  • Private campgrounds – maintenance, restroom cleaning, reservations, front desk, golf attendants, landscaping, activities…..
  • Cruise lines – reservation agents, tour guides, entertainment, dining staff……
  • Amusement Parks, Disneyland/Disney World, Dollyworld, Adventureland……..
  • RV shows
  • Fish hatcheries
  • Boating/canoe guides/rentals, bus drivers, tour guides, shuttle drivers
  • Teach classes – geocaching, woodshop, Spanish, beading, etc……
  • Photographers
On top of the two workamping jobs we described earlier, we’ve also just connected with Workamper News to represent them and educate/introduce new workampers to their fabulous resources and help others learn how they, too, can live their dream of traveling in an RV. There is WAY too much to explain about the Workamper News program online, but we can give a brief synopsis, and please feel free to email us ( – we can have an email conversation or even arrange a time to have a telephone call to further educate you about Workamper News.

Here is a short-and-sweet summary of Workamper News memberships/resources (all online)

Workamper Plus Green ~ $42/year ****This is the most popular membership.***
***See the Special Offer at the end of this post***
  1. Online issues archive of Workamper News  since 2006.
  2. Situations Wanted AD printed in each issue.
  3. Hotline ads & daily email – these are daily emails (or you go to the website – your choice) that update you to new job openings immediately
  4. Awesome Applicants Resume – included in database searched by employers, can be emailed & printed - the process to complete is very easy & simple - you can specify where, when, and what kind of workamping you would like to do
  5. Online Employer Tours.
  6. Praise Your Employer.
  7. Webinars – live & recorded.
  8. Jobinars – live & recorded.
  9. All Viewpoint Articles.
  10. Workamper Community Site – make friends, share photos, send messages, post your blog.
  11. Workamper Forums Site.
  12. Workampers Dreamers Site.
  13. And more!!
Workamper Plus Standard ~ $54 year US; $60CA
***See the Special Offer at the end of this post***
 Everything you see in the Workamper Plus Green subscription. The only difference  is that you receive the Workamper News in the mail as well as access it online.

Workamper Basic ~ $33 year US; $38 CA
***See the Special Offer at the end of this post***
  1. Workamper News magazine in the mail, 6-issues per year.
  2. Situations Wanted Ad printed in each issue.
If you are not already RV’ing, then a Dreamer membership may be right for you ~ $42 lifetime membership (US & CA). You get full access to the Workamper Dreamers website for life - no expiration.  ***See the Special Offer at the end of this post*** 
  1. Dreamer Exercises.
  2. Four Steps to Freedom webinar series. This series of recorded videos will assist you in understanding the development of desire, and will further assist you in making the shift that will be necessary for you to experience your dream and turn your desire into reality.
  3. Dreaminars - informational webinars that you can attend live or watch the recording later. Includes information on important topics for Workampers as well as interviews with experts in the world of Workamping.
  4. Workamper Campfire webinar events. Have a question about Workamping? Attend this live event to get all of your questions answered, as well as hear questions from fellow Workamper Dreamers. All live sessions are recorded for viewing later as well.
  5. Dream Series - These online webinar events will provide you with the education you need to better understand the Workamping lifestyle. They will also help you get the most out of your future Workamping experiences.
  6. Interviews with Workampers - audio and video interviews with active Workampers already living the lifestyle! Learn from their experience and get their perspective on how they entered the world of Workamping.
  7. Steve's Dreamers Blog - updated twice weekly. Updates and new information to help you work on fulfilling your dreams.
  8. Resources section - recommended books, programs and organizations.
  9. Special Dreamers forum - located on the WKN Forums website. Partake in discussions with retired or active Workampers, as well as other Dreamers.

In sum, for $42, you can get both – a Dreamer membership and Workamper Plus Green membership and have access to both areas of information.

***Special Offer*** Special Offer***Special Offer***Special Offer***

Again, we have joined with Workamper News to educate and explain the many facets and offerings of Workamper News.  Join Workamper News through us and get 14-months (that’s 2 extra months FREE) of your chosen subscription!

What does that mean?
  • you get an extra Workamper News magazine, whether mailed to you or online – FREE!
  • you get an extra 2-months of “Situations Wanted” Ads – FREE!
  • you get an extra 2-months of "Singles Seeking Workamper Partner" ads – FREE!
  • you get an extra 2-months of Daily Hotline Updates (immediate job openings) via e-mail and web (if Workamper Plus subscriber) – FREE!
  • you get an extra 2-months of online access to the current issue of Workamper News via private web address (if Workamper Plus subscriber) – FREE!
  • you get an extra 2-months of access to the private sections of including Praise Your Employer & Forums (if Workamper Plus subscriber) – FREE!
  • you get an extra 2-months of participation in the popular Awesome Applicants online resumè database (if Workamper Plus subscriber) – FREE!
**You must use our Concierge Number (warn2713) to get your Special Offer. When signing-up online at, enter warn2713 in the first box for the Promotional Code.** 
**Note - this offer is available for new subscribers to Workamper News only.**

Any questions, please email us and we can answer questions via email ( or call you. If you’re just ready to sign-up with Workamper News and have no questions for us, then you can go right to their sign-up page and simply enter our Concierge Number (warn2713)  to get the extra 2 months FREE. If you do this, please take a moment to email and let us know that you’ve signed-up through us, so the can follow through on our end and be sure you get the extra 2 months.

Thanks for reading this very long post ~ we hope you’ve learned something and perhaps you, too, can live your dream of traveling in your RV!  :-)

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