Monday, July 8, 2013

Eating Crab in Maryland – YUM!!

We weren’t joking yesterday when we said we planned to eat some crab while here – in fact, we did little else! It’s hot – mid-90’s and we just are not hot-weather people – we melt! We did enjoy a few nice drives around Kent Island, but we basically sat inside the air conditioned RV, read, napped, relaxed, etc… We did venture our each day to eat, however. Did I say YUM!! 

Day 1 – Dinner at Kentmorr
This was a cool place – just a mile or so down the road from the Elks Lodge. It’s a prime location on the itty-bitty teeny-weeny beach. We tried the crab pizza (forgot to get a photo ‘til we each grabbed a slice). Awesome! We even asked the waiter about reheating for the next day, but that was a moot question, since it was eaten in about 15 minutes. (We were hungry!!)

Day 2 – Lunch at The Narrows
This was rated #1 in town, also with nice bay views, but in a more touristy area, so a bit more expensive. Brad tried the crab omelet while Suzanne enjoyed a crab cake. Both were awesome!  Great iced tea as well. Nice to be out of the south where they automatically bring sweet tea unless asked. :-)

Day 3 – Back to Kentmorr for lunch We felt it only fair to compare crabcakes, so we went back to the restaurant down the road and were not disappointed. Brad had the crab cake with two-sides and Suzanne had the crab cake sandwich – awesome!!!

Are we “crabbed out?” Hell no! :-) But our wallets have taken a hit and we have to move on anyway. Both restaurants were much better than our attempt at good crab cakes in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and we’re glad we came here to eat. Who knew we were such foodies! Now onto the next meal! :-)

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