Sunday, June 23, 2013

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Maryland

We heard that the Inner Harbor of Baltimore was a beautiful place to visit and a great place to find crab cakes, so off we went!

Hmmmm….so after paying $15 for two hours of parking, we went and meandered the harbor – sorry, folks, not impressed at all.  Yes, it is clean and looks good with brick and lovely buildings, but it’s very built-up with chain restaurants, such as Hooters and The Cheesecake Factory (neither of which screams crab cakes) and places like Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

We eventually ended up at the recommended Rusty Scupper restaurant (seemingly not a chain, but we were told it was) and shared crab soup, and each got a crab cake. In two words: just okay. Another two words: had better. Yes, Maryland is also known for its soft-shell crab, but it’s not something either of us wanted to eat. We’ve heard that “the best” crab cakes are here; we beg to differ.

Oh well. Glad we went to the Inner Harbor, but no need to go again. 

What’s this? Just a cute dog pic! 
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