Thursday, June 20, 2013

National Museum of American Art & Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC

This is actually two museums in the same building – the National Museum of America Art is in one half, while the Portrait Gallery in the other. For us, we enjoyed the portrait gallery more, but there were a few pieces in the American Art side that were also to our liking. What did we see? Well……….
The Portrait Gallery has one permanent exhibition devoted to all former presidents (thus President Obama's portrait will be included once his term is done). Here are a few we especially liked~
As mentioned,  we did enjoy some of the non-portrait artworks as well~
The it was back to the Portrait Galleries.........
(the following two by Andy Warhol) 
This is Katherine Hepburn and the four Oscars for Best Actress she won. Seems as if she donated quite a lot of her estate to the Smithsonian
Of course, there was a Modern Art section............
For the record, this was actually simply a piece of black granite - the photo could only be taken were the window was reflected.
This was col - the United States with televisions in each state and the televisions were showing important things in that state (for example, Tennessee had Elvis)
Oh, there was also a great indoor space - one of the largest in DC
Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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