Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Exploring Mt. Airy (Mayberry), North Carolina

We found out that we aren’t too far from Mt. Airy, NC where Andy Griffith is from, so we went thinking that this is where they filmed the Andy Griffith show (which, by the way, Suzanne has never seen, so she got a 15 minute tutorial from Brad on the way there). Well, it’s not where the show was filmed, it’s simply where Andy Griffith is from and he based the town of Mayberry on Mt. Airy, and the town, for tourism sake, mooches off the show. 

So here’s Floyd’s City Barber Shop – Andy Griffith used to get his hair cut by the 87-year old barber seen in the photo – he’ still there. Apparently on the show as well this is where Andy got his hair cut.


And we went to Snappy Lunch, a restaurant in real-life and on the Andy Griffith show.  

Brad had the Famous Pork Chop sandwich – a deep fried pork chop with chili, Cole slaw, mustard, onion & tomato. Suzanne had the worst grilled cheese sandwich of her entire life – and that includes when she tried to make them in her Easy-Bake oven back when she was seven.  

Then it was onto Opie’s Candy Shop, but just to look around 

since we got dessert at Mt. Angels Heavenly Pies – very good  – yum! 

We walked the town a bit and ended up at The Gertrude Smith House – a 1903 home that has free admission and was left to a foundation to keep the home as it was when Ms. Smith lived there as a “living museum.”

There were other “Andy Griffith” things to do, such as the museum and such, but we decided enough was enough and moved on.  If you’re a huge Andy Griffith fan, yeah, go. But if you’re like us (especially Suzanne), it won’t kill ya to pass by Mt. Airy.
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