Friday, August 16, 2013

Mt. Washington Auto Road, New Hampshire

Mt. Washington is 6,288’, the highest mountain in the eastern United States. Yes, we thought about hiking to the top, then thought, hey, it’ll be windy and cold, so let’s drive instead and stay warm. So for $34 ($26 driver – Brad and car, $8 each passenger – Suzanne) we did the drive and glad that we arrived early in the morning, since when we left, there was quite the line of cars.

So the drive began nicely, a simple road (albeit narrow) and some trees.

There were a few signs that there could be trouble for some

And then the narrow road began…..and this is when Brad’s knuckles started getting white – remember, we have a BIG truck – sure, the road is two-way for little mini coopers, but for a couple BIG trucks, yeah, no.
There were a couple of good views along the way

Until we got to the foggy part of the drive :-)

We arrived, glad that we were there early and thus less traffic. This is the Summit Stage Office (1932-1937) – noticed it’s chained to the ground! Oh, it was here on April 12, 1934 that the strongest winds were ever recorded: 231 miles per hour! (It was 45mph when we were there, causing a wind chill of 27 degrees Fahrenheit – and yes we were wearing shorts!)


There was a restaurant, of course, and some informational areas, a museum, and gift shop.

We walked the itty-bitty “trail” to the summit

And enjoyed the view. :-)

 Well, we were cold and there wasn’t much to see, so we headed down (which was much easier to drive) and once past the fog, enjoyed some more good views.
 As we had a picnic across the street, the clouds cleared momentarily and we had about a one-minute view of Mt. Washington.

Was it worth $34?  Hmmm….if ya gotta ask, then maybe not. Would it have been worth it if we could see more than clouds? Brad says yes; Suzanne…….still not sure.
Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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