Monday, August 19, 2013

Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour, Waterbury, Vermont

Who doesn’t love ice cream? In fact, one of the reasons we came to this area is to go to Ben & Jerry’s.

Let’s start with the good ~
  • Very friendly staff, even the parking people with wands directing people where to go.
  • Free taste of the ice cream that is being made that day at the end of the tour. We tried Strawberry Cheesecake – surprisingly quite yummy! Here’s a tip from Brad – since they place a tray with pre-filled cups of ice cream out and people walk-by and take one, any leftover ice cream must be tossed (as the tour guide explained). So Brad hung around “asking questions” and after everyone got their free ice cream and left, there were three samples leftover. Well, not for long, as Brad gobbled them up!
  • The graveyard of out-of-production ice cream was cute.
  • Want free ice cream? Get a job at Ben & Jerry’s – each day you go to work, you get three pints to take home for free! 

Now the not-so-good ~
  • Tours cost $4 per adult. Hmmmm………ya really don’t get to see much, and given the inordinate amount of people buying ice cream and gifts, and the small amount of sample ice cream (unless you’re Brad), seriously, the tour should be free.
  • Unilever owns Ben & Jerry’s. We knew this, but had forgotten. Would be nice if it was still the company once founded by two guys.
  • It was crazy with people strung-out on ice cream and sugar. Wow! Sort of like when we toured Hershey’s. I mean, seriously, who hasn’t had ice cream before? Relax, people!
Do we recommend it? Hmmm……..if it was free, absolutely! If it was couple bucks a person to tour, maybe. If you just want to visit Ben & Jerry’s ‘cuz ya love the ice cream (think: coffee health bar crunch – yum yum yum!), sure. But to actually see an ice cream production facility? Nah, probably not.
Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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