Friday, August 2, 2013

Bar Island & Bar Harbor, Maine

There’s a small island off of the coast of Maine by Bar Harbor called Bar Island, and it’s accessible by foot 90 minutes either side of low tide, so off we went. 

The most difficult thing was finding parking in Bar Harbor – there is no public parking garages, it’s all street parking and limited at best. Once we found parking, we worked our way toward the “trailhead” and were not alone – lots and lots of people had the same idea.   


So it was basically a half-mile walk along a sandbar to the island, then another half-mile walk to the summit, and back. It was okay, but if you’re not interested in walking that second half-mile to the summit, the views from the base of the island were almost as good.

We had not planned to stay and tour around Bar Harbor, but since it was such a struggle to find parking, we decided to look around at the shops with the intent of never coming back! :-)  There were a lot of restaurants, some cute shops, lots of touristy shops, and tons of people also looking for parking spots.

Here’s the island later, as the tide rolled in – you can just see the sandbar.

Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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