Friday, August 9, 2013

Another Hike in Acadia National Park, Maine

It looked to be a beautiful day, so we decide that today was the day to hike The Beehive and Gorham Mountain – with the promise of incredible views. We knew the hike entailed some iron rungs and such, so dogs were not allowed. We began with the Beehive Hike ~ the trial began with a warning sign

Then the Acadia-usual granite rock steep steps

And eventually came to an iron grate we had to cross. Quite honestly, it wasn’t very long, but Suzanne still slid across on her butt! :-)

The views were incredible from the get go~

And then the iron rungs began 
as we each climbed the vertical rails, we realized that 6’ tall Brad had a completely different hike than (nearly) 5’3” tall Suzanne. We each used the rungs, foot holds and hand-holes differently. Some action shots ~

And more fabulous views

More rungs

And finally the summit, at 520’.  Nope, not high at all, but a fun hike and it felt a lot more than a simply 520’ walk. Lots of great views from here as well.

The trail became a bit more wooded

as we took a small side-trip to The Hole

Then wooded and rocky again as we worked our way to Gorham Mountain

Oh, here’s a view of The Beehive from a portion of the hike to Gorham

And here we are – the Gorham Mountain summer, five more feet than before!  :-)

More awesome views.  As they say in Maine, “Wicked views!”

We continued back down to the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic – tons of people were enjoying the cool mist form the sea – it was a warm day, for sure.

Eventually we made our way to Sand Beach, which was rather small.

At 55 degrees, there were one to two simmers – brrr!

After our hike, we decided to go to the Jordan Pond restaurant, a popular destination in Acadia that is famous for its popovers.  We each had a bowl of lobster stew and a couple popovers – yeah, okay, it was pretty good, but not worth the price and we’ve decided we’re not huge into lobster - starting to crave some pizza!
The views were nice over Jordan Pond, and there’s a nice loop around the pond to walk as well.  

All-in-all, an awesome hike and great day!
Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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