Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tip Tam Campground, Jackson, New Jersey

We’re staying here for a bit so we can explore New Jersey a bit, specifically the Jersey shore. The campground, well, hmmm….. Not so great. It’s happened once or twice before – a campground gets great reviews online (we often use rvparkreviews.com to do research) and when we get there, we think, huh?! We are on a full hook-up site with cable, but there’s no grass – only dirt. There are a ton of seasonals here (for those of you who are not RV’ers, think “townies”) and the driving/parking is tight. Here’s the most bizarre and very annoying thing – dogs are not allowed to be walked in the park – they can only be walked in your site. What? Huh? Our dirt site? Where? Two-feet from the RV? She won’t do her business there – it’s her “den.” Now, we can drive Zoey out of the park (can’t even make it to the entrance walking a dog), park at the owner’s home, and walk her there, but there ya go. Not convenient at all! But we’re here and will make it work a few days, but then glad to leave! :-) 

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