Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Greetings from Asbury Park, New Jersey!

Being huge Bruce Springsteen fans, we had to go to Asbury Park and the boardwalk. Additionally, we also had some interest in seeing the damage by SuperStorm Sandy last October.

We did see quite a bit of damage to homes, as well as areas where there once were homes and now only fragments of a foundation, however we were amazed that in seven months since the storm, there’s been a tremendous amount of repair and restoration. We couldn’t stop comparing this to Hurricane Katrina and the fact that many more areas of New Orleans is still in disrepair compared to the Jersey shore.  We’re sure there are many reasons, but one that was apparent – there is some serious money in this area – the homes are incredible – and money talks now, doesn’t it…….

So we got out to walk the boardwalk and check out the shore – walk a bit in the Atlantic. We were surprised how desolate the area was – there were a few people, but really not many. We asked about this where we had lunch (The Metro – good, but salty, Philly Cheesesteaks) and the server said that attendance has been way down this summer.

Then it was time to stick our toes in the surf, but wait, first ya have to buy a ticket…….to the beach! What? Huh? You gotta be kidding! Sure, sure, we paid for parking ($7) and expected as much, but then you also want $5 per person to actually touch toes to sand? Seriously? We asked a gentleman we chatted with a bit about this – he’s from Asbury Park and said, and we quote, that it’s an “embarrassment” that people have to pay to go to the beach and Jersey should be ashamed.  We agree. Here’s a thought New Jersey – if tourism is down on the shore due to damage from the storm, how about laying off the $5 per person fee for a while to encourage tourism? Chris Christie – ya listening????

Anyway, we meandered more, saw a guitar played and signed by The Boss and eventually found ourselves at the Stone Pony. We’ll let those interested to research the Stone Pony and its relationship with Bruce. :-)
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