Monday, July 1, 2013

A Visit to Amish Country, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

It took about an hour to drive from Gettysburg to Lancaster, yetwe were very interested in seeing the Amish community. Once we got off the main road in Lancaster (route 30,) we just ambled and drove along various roads ~ eventually we did see the typical horse and buggy.

As we continued, we saw a few more people using horses as their means of transportation. 
We saw quite a few homes that did not appear to have electricity and lots of laundry hanging to dry.  (How are they washed? By hand???)

We eventually happened upon the town of Intercourse, Pennsylvania where there were many shops to meander. We enjoyed a picnic lunch of locally purchased sandwiches and some yummy local ice cream.

On our way back to Gettysburg, we just continue driving along some of the farm roads and saw some more really cool Lancaster sites. All in all a fun day!

Just a few more photos to share...............

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