Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oak Forest RV Park, Austin, Texas

As we mentioned in our previous posts, we are heading to Austin, Texas. Well, we’re here! While here, we are staying at Oak Forest RV Park, on the east side, a few miles from the city center. When we travel, one way we look for campgrounds is to use, and this park had great scores (9’s out of 10), however we’d probably rate it a 7. The good stuff first – nice facilities as far as a main area (house), pool, hot tub, etc….. and lovely pull-through sites for short-termers (like us). Where we are parked, the grass is green, there is nice shrubbery and flowers, trees, etc…. However……..not the entire park is this nice – just a couple rows over are the permanent and long-term residents, this is the “not so great” part - it’s a bit more run-down and junky, which is a shame, since this park has much potential. We’re staying here for eight nights, six under the Passport America rate and they were kind enough to extend the AARP rate for the other two nights (weekends), even though we don’t meet the AARP requirements. So that’s another good thing. Of course, the office staff could use a course in customer service.  They’re “okay,” but not great.
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