Friday, October 12, 2012

Austin, Texas ~ Part I

So a bit of history about us ~ we actually met in Austin. We each came here separately for work (Brad one year earlier than Suzanne) and as the story goes, Brad came looking for a southern belle, and ended up with a Yankee from Boston! J We lived together here two years before moving to Oregon, and although enjoyed it, it was just too hot in the summer (more for Suzanne) and it never quite felt like “home.” Coming back for a visit was always in the plans, so we could see friends we left behind.

Over the past summer, while working at Mt. Rushmore, Suzanne always enjoyed chatting with people from all over the country, and whenever she met someone from Austin and she shared that we lived here in the mid-1990’s, they always said that we won’t recognize it ~ that Austin grew!  Well, y’all, they were right! Yowza! The roads and raised freeways and HUGE (yup, everything IS bigger in Texas) and now there are tolls on roads that used to be little bypasses, and so much development and so many stores and WOW!  

We look forward to checking out more of the old stomping grounds while here…….stay tuned!

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david said...

Eat a Torchys taco and a Whataburger for us, and perhaps some Salt Lick or Smoky Mos bbq....miss her, be back there in a few months....

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