Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yellowstone National Park – Day 6

Now that we’ve explored so much of Yellowstone, we thought it would be fun to go back to the Lamar Valley (northeast in the park) to the kill site from a couple days ago to see if we could spot some of the famous (or infamous, depending on your position) wolves of Yellowstone National Park. 

We hung out for a few hours around dusk, driving the road with many other visitors with the same idea, unfortunately we did not see any of the wolves, but had some incredible bear sightings! The first two photos are of two male grizzlies who were not far from each other, basically on opposite sides of the river/stream in the photos.

This second guy was slowly working his way toward the road, although did end up staying by the stream (however all of us taking photos were getting very ready to hop back into our cars!)

Along the way we also spotted some deer

But back to the grizzlies! We saw this guy going for a swim – not great photos, but you get the idea

One more of yet a fourth grizz!

On our way out, we crossed a bridge with lots of photographers – seems as if the sow with three cubs was stopping for a drink of water.  Not a great shot, unfortunately…….. 
 It was pretty later by this time and quite cold (it had snowed), so we headed home knowing a few things about our future:
We are definitely coming back to Yellowstone.
 We have a really good camera, but know now we need to invest in even a better one – the guy next to us on the bridge had some incredible shots of the sow and her cubs drinking water – you could see amazing details of the bears – we are beyond envious! :-)

PS – We happened to find out from an NPS Ranger that it is very rare to see so many grizzlies this time of year. In fact, they tend to be at higher elevations eating the White Pine nuts, but this year there were not many pine nuts, so the bears are at lower elevations scavenging for food. Lucky us!! :-)

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