Friday, September 20, 2013

Yellowstone National Park – Day 5

So we have two more main area in Yellowstone to explore – the West Thumb/Grant Village and Lake Village/Fishing Bridge areas – all by Yellowstone Lake.


A bit about Yellowstone Lake – it is the largest lake at high elevations in North America with an elevation of 7,733 ft. It has an area of 131.7 sq. miles, a shoreline of 141 miles and its average summer temperature is 45 degrees….brrrr!


We took a short boardwalk walk around the central basin – very cool to see hot springs right at the water’s edge. However, it was pouring rain, thundering and lightening, so we quickly got back into the truck and headed for the Mud Volcano area. 

Besides more bison, this was a very cool area with lots of hot springs and mud pots – there were even a few bison keeping warm along the route.

A few cool photos……….

We then went to Sulphur Caldron up the road

And once again saw a place in the pavement where a hot spring decided it wanted out, so the National Park Service simply closed off this portion.

But these were not the coolest things we saw today. Nope. While looking below at the river, we found bison swimming across – too cool again! We’ll admit, we’re getting a bit cavalier about seeing bison (and elk) – we’ve seen them, hiked alongside of them etc… but this was cool. Lots of photos ~ enjoy!!

Again, it was another long, great day in Yellowstone.
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