Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yellowstone National Park – Day 1

We keep getting later starts than usual for us (like, almost noon!), plus the weather is not cooperating yet, so we spent two days exploring the area from West Yellowstone to the Old Faithful area – there’s lots of places to drive, get out and explore via boardwalks, see wildlife, etc….. Here’s our Day 1 adventures – enjoy! We saw our first wildlife pretty quickly – a mama elk and her offspring. We’ve seen lots of elk in our travels, but it’s always cool to see more!

Although Yellowstone is known for geysers, hot springs, mudpots and fumeroles (all considered hydrothermal features), there is simple beauty just in the park itself that was enjoyable as we drove around.

We came upon Upper Geyser Basin and walked around enjoying many of Yellowstone’s famous hydrothermal features….

Hot springs……



Enjoy lots of photos! :-)

Bison tracks near the hot springs….

We eventually made our way to the Old Faithful area – here’s the famous geyser when not impressing people……

Old Faithful is not the largest geyser in the park, but it is the most predictable, so with everyone else in the area, we found a seat on the benches and waited.  

Right on time (predicted eruptions are within 10 minutes), she (he?) blew…….

On our way back to our campground, we took Firehole Lake Drive and enjoyed viewing more hot springs and geysers………

As we continued our drive out of the park, we got caught in an “animal jam” – tons of cars were pulled over, people running out of their cars with camera in hand. We, of course, followed suit – it must be a grizzly – well, it wasn’t – it was a bald eagle.  Yes, still majestic for sure, but for us, didn’t warrant such a craze.

And that ended Day 1 of Yellowstone National Park. :-)

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