Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora, North Dakota

Theodore RooseveltNat’l Park is actually divided into two sections – the aptly names South Unit (where we are camping and wrote about yesterday) and the North Unit. We took a drive to visit the north unit which served two purposes – to see the rest of the park and witness some of the oil boom happening in North Dakota.  

We drove north on route 85 and immediately saw some of the beginnings of the oil boom – some of the new wells were on farming land with hay bales and even a few cows nearby.

There were areas where RV’s were parked in the middle of nowhere where we suppose some of the workers are housed. These were clearly make-shift “neighborhoods.”

We arrived in Watford City, one of the southernmost towns experiencing the oil boom and it was quite interesting – there was clearly a quick boom of the town all along one main street with stores definitely geared toward the current population – auto parts, uniform outlet, a couple bars and restaurants, gas stations, and lots of places to grab a quick meal.  In fact, we grabbed some coffee at a gas station/food mart and there were aisles upon aisles of quick sandwiches to grab, stuff like that. There was a school, playground, etc… all quickly established, for sure. We thought about Tombstone, Arizona when driving through – it made us think that when this oil boom in North Dakota is finished, this area will be like a ghost town.  There were hundreds-upon-hundreds of trailer parks to house the workers as well. Very interesting, to say the least……

We did drive the 14 mile one-way road in the north unit of Theodore Roosevelt Nat’l Park as well. We enjoyed some similar views to the south unit, as well as a few bison along the way.


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