Friday, May 17, 2013

Taps RV Park, Asheville, NC ~ and more!

So this entry will encapsulate something boring and something not-so-boring. :-) 

First the boring ~ we are parked at Taps RV Park in Asheville, NC.  We’ve heard many wonderful things about Asheville from numerous people, so we’ve been excited to get here. We also have plans to “do” the Blue Ridge Parkway – both drive and hike, so this is a good starting point.  Taps RV Park is just okay – small, not the quietest, not many sites, but full hook-ups, including cable & WiFi and not too terribly expensive at $215/week. The location to attractions is very good ad the owner, Bill, is a friendly, helpful nice guys. And we know this because it brings us to the not-so-boring portion of this post…….

While we were driving here on Wednesday (from Savannah), we were about 40 miles from the NC border when we heard a loud BANG – a tire blew on our RV. (Now we’ve had flats on RV’s before, but never a blow-out - way different experience.) Brad quickly pulled over to the site of the road and we took a few deep breaths to calm down.  For those of you who do not RV, one hears stories about tire blow-outs on RVs and the incredible damage it can cause – we’ve heard stories of the underbelly being ripped out, entire sides of RV being torn apart with appliances and drawers flying, tow cars being damaged, damage/accidents to vehicles driving-by, even fires that quickly engulf the RV. So we got our and surveyed the damage – luckily, for all things considered, it did not look as terrible or as bad as it could have been. We eventually had our spare tire put on (the blown tire was on the driver’s side of the interstate, it was 92 degrees, and it was the easiest option), and we got back on the road. We also called Camping World in Asheville to arrange a time to come by on Thursday for them to assess the damage as well as Bill from Taps RV Park to let him know we’d be coming in late – he nicely re-arranged some site reservations so we could stay hooked-up Wednesday night and stayed late to greet us and help us get settled). 
So we spent yesterday (really, spent yesterday: 9am-5pm) at Camping World in Asheville (really Hendersonville) and got four new tires and the damaged assessed. We’ve never been fans of Camping World, perhaps because every time we’ve gone to the one back home, they’re not the nicest people in the world. Well, that was not the experience yesterday – everyone was incredible -  accommodating, nice, friendly, helpful – we couldn’t ask for more. (Well, perhaps a less expensive bill. :-) ) So we’re looking at about $3K – ouch! Tough one to pay, but in the grand scheme of things, we got off pretty lucky. So we'll hang in this area for a couple weeks (we were planning to do that anyway) and go back to Camping World for the repairs once they get all the parts. We're lucky that the RV is still livable and drivable, so all's good. :-)
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