Monday, May 13, 2013

Savannah, Georgia ~ Day 2

Well, if yesterday was our “religious” day, then today was our “eating” day! :-)

We started by getting in line to partake in the famous Mrs. Wilkes’ Boarding House lunch. Open only Monday-Friday, 11am-2pm, Mrs. Wilkes serves a family style lunch of fried chicken, beef stew, and about 15 side dishes, such as okra, sweet potatoes, black-eyes peas, cornbread, collard greens, squash, rice & gravy, macaroni & cheese, you get the idea! We arrived at 10:20am and the line was already long,  We chatted for over an hour with our line-neighbors, and it was a good thing we liked their company, as we ended up sharing our table with them for lunch.

The food was very good – great, very hot crispy fried chicken and tons of wonderful side dishes. However, we did feel a bit rushed to clear and leave our table, and had to ask for more chicken for our table a couple times, so the service could have, quite honestly, been a bit better. We are glad we went and would go again if with people who wanted to try the restaurant, but we wouldn’t necessarily go again on our own. The price is $18 per person, cash. A tip – you want to wear loose-fitting clothes (think Thanksgiving pants – you know, the ones with an elastic waist) and have a strategy going in - Brad’s strategy was to try everything; Suzanne’s was to have very little of the side dishes and fill-up on the crispy fried chicken. Either way, all’s good!

With the desire to walk off a few calories, we continued to meander and enjoy the Savannah Historic District – all the beautiful gardens, squares and architecture.   

We eventually found ourselves in the Market area where we came up Byrd’s Cookie Company Store where they have a cookie bar! Now we’ve gone wine tasting, beer tasting, and even cider tasting, but cookies! Now that’s brilliant!  Still full, mind you, we still tried almost one of every cookie – chocolate chip, lemon meringue, black/white, sugar, etc…. Yum!
We eventually made our way to the river and River Street where we browse shops, candy shops (free taffy anyone?), more candy shops (try our pralines?), and so on, 
eventually arriving at the “Waving Girl” statue

River Street is another cool area where there are cobblestone paths to the river and shops below, and additional shops and apartments/condos above with catwalks. All very charming and another reason we really enjoy Savannah!
Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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