Saturday, May 4, 2013

Major Rain in St. Augustine, Florida

Wow! Has it been raining! Remember, we’re Oregonians and used to the rain, but nothing like this! We had 8” yesterday alone and the rain continues – seriously, non-stop! We’re glad we enjoyed St. George and Aviles Street our first day here, because now they’re both flooded along with other roads.

Where we’re parked at the Elks Lodge, is fine – no rising water or flooding and we’re parked on concrete. However other parts of the parking lot are not as lucky, unless you’re a duck. A lot of rock-paper-scissors going on over here to see who has to walk Zoey. :-)

Speaking of the Elks Lodge, this is one is located next to Anastasia State Park's amphitheater and we're enjoyed a few (free for us) concerts a couple nights while in our rig. :-)  We heard Smashing Pumpkins one night and Ted Nugent, Styx, & REO Speedwagon all the next night! In what other lifestyle can one be parked in an Elks Lodge, listening to music from decades ago, while restringing a blind for a neighbor? Yup,  that's how we spent last night. :-)
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