Sunday, May 26, 2013

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina ~ Day 2

We decided to take a drive today and explore the Smoky’s, so went for a drive along the main road, about a 39 mile one-way drive. We saw some elk at the first visitor’s center and went in and got some hiking information for another day.  
 Our drive continued to the peak of the Smoky’s, Newfound Gap, where North Carolina and Tennessee meet.We plan to come back here, as the Appalachian Trail (AT) crosses this area and we plan to hike a bit on the popular route. 
Zoey seems to have a preference for facing Tennessee.......

There were some great views along the road..................

We continued into Tennessee and stopped at another Visitor’s Center before heading into Gatlinburg. What can we say about Gatlinburg? We’ll it is just past the National Park border and an entirely different world! The National Park has no concessionaires, it’s surprisingly low-key, but Gatlinburg is a whole different story – tons of people, shops (mostly chains) and noise. Not our idea of a fun day, but as they say, there’s something for everyone in this world and many will enjoy this town.

We quickly u-turned and continued back home, over the same 39-mile road and back to our rig and called it a day. :-)
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