Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Thunder Gold Mine, Keystone, South Dakota

Another freebie on our VIP card is the Big Thunder Gold Mine in Keystone.  Owned and mined by only two men decades ago, it took them 40-years to mine - - stopping only when they reached another mine on one side and an iron wall on the other.  In all that time, they mined 10 ounces of gold ~ valued at approximately $20 per ounce. In forty years time, these two men earned $200.

The gold mine tour was actually interesting, and more educational than the Mining Museum tour, as it was more at a lay-person’s level of understanding. At the end of the tour, we were able to pan for gold. Brad was much better than Suzanne, whose idea of panning for gold is a nice air conditioned store, pleasant salespeople, and clear glasses cases full of pretty things.  
We did find gold (Brad learned previously that the gold flakes are purchased from a company in California and added to some dirt for the panning experience)
so with our claim, we plan to retire in style! :-)
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