Friday, February 24, 2012

Workamping at Mesa Regal RV Resort – Week 4

Well, we have two firsts in this post – a photo of one of Suzanne’s ASL (American Sign Language) classes (all signing “I Love You”) and later, a picture of Brad actually working!
Suzanne’s classes continued learning many words this week – all of these involving descriptions – colors, clothing and physical traits.  We’re all still having a great time learning abut one another and all of the students are doing great!

On Monday, Brad helped load/off-load and deliver items to the various resorts – you’ve heard this before. But Wednesday and Friday, well they were different kind of days……..

Wednesday ~ Similar to when Red Lobster sold all of its former decorations, a local tuxedo shop had a sale and the Décor Team bosses purchased 20+ tuxedos for the costume shop. Brad and other workampers were called to the store to load the clothes. Believe it or not, they were all cleaned by the next day (by other workampers) and were already being rented for Oscar Award parties!

Friday ~ Brad and another workamper (that’s Mickey in the picture with Brad) spent four-hours peeling the labels off of water bottles, which will eventually be relabeled with Mesa Regal labels. Yup – that’s what they did – sat in the shade, chatted, and peeled.

Fun times! :-)

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