Saturday, February 18, 2012

Workamping at Mesa Regal RV Resort – Week 3

Yet another week of workamping has come to a close – Suzanne’s sign language classes continue to move right along – students have enjoyed learning “family” signs (e.g. mother, son, brother) and we’ve all learned a lot about one another’s families.

Brad enjoyed a week of different activities:

On Monday, he made a bunch of deliveries to different parks. Here is a picture of the inside of one of the trucks that he loads/off-loads with other workampers.

On Wednesday, he and a bunch of other workampers reorganized bins according to whether they were “beach” items, “luau” items or “summer" items – this was the most educational day of Brad’s week, since he normally would have thought these all the same. :-)

Friday was a day of reorganizing – shelves were brought in (perhaps shelves he made in Week 1), boxes restacked – all that fun stuff.

Here’s something to ponder ~ notice you really don’t see Brad doing any work in these photos…….seems to Suzanne that all Brad does is take picture of others working….hmmmmmm…….. :-)

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