Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Week of Workamping! Mesa Regal RV Resort, Mesa, Arizona

Our first week of workamping has come to a close ~ here’s the synopsis…..

We both work Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 4 hours each day. Suzanne is teaching sign language classes and travels to six of the nine Cal-Am RV parks. This is a rather independent workamping job, and the schedule is such that she can come back to the rig for lunch or whatever between some classes. She’s met some great people who can now introduce themselves (“My name is________) , respond politely (“Nice to meet you.”) and sign a few more simple sentences.

Brad’s schedule is more compact; he works 12-4 on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Although a schedule of what he’ll be doing comes out on Sunday evenings, it’s rather loose and what he actually does may (and did) differ. Basically, Brad works for the décor team, which moves decorations among the nine resorts – they also repair and store the decorations as needed. There’s a whole other team that actually does the decorating. So…

…on Monday Brad helped off-load a truck full of decorations, helped put-together wire shelves for more storage, and a few miscellaneous tasks.

….on Wednesday Brad helped fill 50 small containers with cement to eventually be used as flag pole holders.

---on Friday Brad helped make more shelves and did some more unloading. The park also has many old park models that is used for storage, so he helped a bit with getting one ready.

And there goes Week 1!  :-) Not bad for a free campsite!

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