Friday, January 20, 2012

Quartzsite, Arizona ~ fun times with the Montana group

We’ve enjoyed the last few days with the Montana Owners Club as we hang in “the circle.” It’s an interesting experience – very communal and organic in many ways. For example, when someone is making a dump run (for trash), s/he just pulls the truck into circle center and everyone tossed their trash bags into the back and the one (or two) person(s) brings all the trash to the dump. Need more water, then feel free to borrow anyone’s water bladder & pump. Have questions about someone’s modifications to their rig – just ask ~ everyone’s open and willing to talk and share. There’s usually a bunch of people hanging out and beading or reading, one guy plays his guitar………..

There are some activities planned, such as a trip to Algadones, Mexico, Desert Bar one day, and the daily 4:30 happy hours. A dealer from Fresno, California even brought six 2012 Montanas earlier this week for a day for the group to check-out and have our own mini RV show. Yummy pizza followed!

Still planning a few more days here – still have to go into Quartzsite for “The Show” sometime and buy things we didn’t know we needed! :-)

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