Saturday, September 23, 2017

Our Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting Adventure! ~ Day 3

Day 3……and time to eat again! Today’s breakfast was pancakes with real maple syrup, sausages, fresh fruit and the usual coffee & tea.

It was a warmer and dryer day and we were back on the Colorado in no time……in fact, the moon was still out.

So we didn’t do many hikes the first couple of days and were actually thinking, “Hmmmm…….maybe this isn’t going to be such an incredible trip,” But today was the day that the trip started (and continued to be) simply amazing! Read on! J

First, we were lucky enough to enjoy some time at the Little Colorado River. Often, the Little Colorado runs gritty and brown, in fact, this was only the second or third time Stephen (the trip leader) was able to take a trip to the Little Colorado. We all de-rafted (is that a word?) and walked upriver enjoying the beautiful blue water. 

Here we are at the confluence of the Little Colorado and the Colorado Rivers ~ the blue water is the Little Colorado and the brown, the Big Colorado.

More Little Colorado River pics~

Then some of us donned life jackets and floated down the river ~

There goes Suzanne!

After hanging out a while, it was back on the raft for some more rapids

Here’s Brad looking quite dry!

 More floating & rapids...........

The other boat. We assume we looked the same.

Ya know what Brad’s thinking……time for lunch! 

Here are the guys preparing our lunch ~ today was a surprisingly yummy tuna fish (not our favorite) with the typical fresh fruit, chips & cookies.

And we met this little guy

After lunch, time to get back on the river for our next adventure!                        

And before long we were tying-off at Clear Creek Waterfall. This was a really cool hike and the first of many like it ~ we had to hike through pools of water to get to the main attraction. This was awesome, as it was not HOT!

This is Clear Creek Waterfall ~ super cool!

Brad taking a shower.

We were back on the raft and passed the Phantom Ranch area today, which is cool as when we hiked rim-to-rim a few years ago, we stayed at Bright Angel Campground by Phantom Ranch. This is the hiker bridge we hiked over at 4am the day we hiked out (it was HOT! 130 the day prior!) Cool (for us) to see this perspective.

More floating and more rapids………

Dinner that night was fresh trout (not our favorite), coleslaw, rice, and German chocolate cake for dessert. (Can’t remember the appetizer….)

We camped that night at Trinity ~ slept under the star…….we could see the Milky Way and even saw a few shooting stars!

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