Saturday, September 23, 2017

Our Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting Adventure! ~ Day 6

Day 6 (our last full day on the river) began the same way as other days and this morning was the quickest to prepare breakfast so we could get going and be the first people to Havasu Canyon. Breakfast consisted of biscuits & gravy, cold cereals, yogurt, and fresh fruit. We also made our lunches (deli sandwiches, fresh fruit, chips & cookies) to take with us later since we’d be away from the rafts most of the day.

By this time, we were definitely getting better at the fire lines……..

And we were once again back on the water………

The landing for this trip was much more difficult as it was in the middle of the rapid. (Well, difficult for Stephen, we just sat there!) For us, the walk to the opening of the canyon (called First Crossing) was a bit trepidatious ~ notice in the picture above we are still wearing our life jackets – and in the lower right corner is Scott with a rope. Why does Scott have a rope? Well, it was so narrow, in the event one of us fell in, that’s the only way he could (hopefully) save us – by throwing the rope and the one that fell, catching us.  No worries ~ the rope stayed dry the entire time!

So we stuck together as a group working our way into Havasu Canyon ~ notice the blue water.

Hey! What’s Brad doing?

We then had nearly three hours to meander at will. About half the group stayed back at First Crossing, however we continued on with Renee & Rick, oh, maybe about a mile.

We continued until about the third large pool and claimed it! We even namesd it: Emerald Wagg Pool. (WAGG from the first letters of our four last names.) Some photos~

After eating our picnic lunches and playing in the water, we headed back. None of us had a watch, but we had 10 minutes to spare!

Once back on the boat as we headed to our camp for the night, we saw some more sheep

As we set-up our final camps at 180 mile (and we forgot to get a picture), the guys made us our last dinner, starting with shrimp cocktail. They also dressed “formally” and served us, as this was called the Captain’s Dinner.

Dinner was steak with mashed potatoes, salad, and fresh veggies. Dessert was warm, freshly-made cakes: one chocolate with chocolate frosting and one vanilla with cream cheese frosting.

So this was the absolute windiest night trying to sleep! It was warm, so we were just on top of our cots/sleeping bags, but in the middle of the night, we had to pull a sheet over us just to keep the sand from pelting us. This was our last night and the night we saw the most shooting stars

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