Saturday, September 23, 2017

Our Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting Adventure! ~ Day 7

After sort of sleeping through a windy night, we loaded the rafts for the last time (sigh……) as we made our way just eight miles downriver to our departure point. This was, of course, after our last breakfast of eggs benedict, fruit, etc….. (you know the drill by now!)

By 10am we ended up at Whitmore Wash where there is a “helicopter pad” (generously names, by the way) to bring those coming for the 3-day Grand Canyon trip into the Grand Canyon and for those of us leaving to be taken out to dry land.

  Sadly, no more rafting photos, but now….helicopter photos! (Oh and Brad got to sit in the copilot seat – the best one in the chopper – so he have the opportunity to take some aerial photography).

And as has always been the case, Suzanne is the smallest person in the group, so she was stuck in the middle back with no window…….

Six minutes later we arrived at the Whitmore International Airport (don’t be too impressed) ~

We were shuttled (oh, after the shuttle driver refueled the helicopter) to Bar 10 Ranch to……. SHOWERS!!! and a lunch of (once again) deli sandwiches, chips, cookies & lemonade. We then waited around by the Grand Canyon Airlines “terminal”

(I think he’s 14 years old…..)

We took one more small plane ride back to Boulder City, a shuttle or the Las Vegas Airport, a jet home to Portland and to our warm, dry bed……alas, no Milky Way in sight.

But wait....there's more!! Onto Reflections!

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