Monday, April 22, 2013

Jolly Roger Travel Park, Grassy Key, Florida

We’re staying at the Jolly Roger Travel Park for a few days to explore the middle and southern Florida Keys. Being a Passport America park, it’s more reasonably priced than other parks in the area (generally ranging $60-$100) at $37 to $39.50 a night, plus tax. It’s a nice park, each site with 50-amp service, full hook-ups and cable. There’s a dog walk area, swimming pool, water access (boat and swimmer) and the nicest staff we’ve met. 

However….. they have the strangest practice we’ve encountered ~ each RV’er with a dog must leave $30 (cash) at the front office as a “deposit” of some sort that will be refunded if all dog rules are met. The rules are the typical – dog on leash, clean-up after, no pooping in someone else’s site, etc…. We assume it’s a cash deposit since anyone can refuse to pay if attached to a credit card payment. Yet we wonder….are there cameras watching where Zoey squats? What of she can’t hold it until she gets to the dog park? Do we get warnings first? Are they written or verbal warnings? Is there an appeals board? Why isn’t a rule “no yappy dogs,” they’re always a problem. Yes, these are all tongue-in-cheek queries, but in 10+ years of RV’ing (all of them with a dog), we’ve only once been charged extra (Desert Rose RV Park in Fernley, Nevada: $2 a day and Suzanne’s is still bitter about it) and have never had to put down a deposit. Strange, very strange……. We’ll let you know if we get the $30 back! :-)

On another note, here's a sunset picture from the campground~
Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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jcw3rd said...

We got our $30 back.

-- jc&bev

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