Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Driving the Lower Keys, Florida ~ Part 1

We decided to meander south and see how far we got today, exploring the various keys on our way to Key West, with the intent or “doing” Key West another day.

After Marathon Key is the infamous “7-mile bridge,” a concern for a few people who do not like bridges (i.e. Suzanne). In actuality, this one was nothing – yes long, but it didn’t go WAY HIGH or into very deep water - in many parts, if the truck went flying off the bridge towards an impending death by drowning while trapped in a vehicle gasping for air, we could stand up and walk to the nearest key. :-) In fact, driving over the bridge was quite cool!

We decided to head to the National Key Deer Refuge on Big Pine Key to see some of the endangered Key Deer native to the area. We saw plenty of deer (their tiny guys, in fact Zoey is about as bit as some females) and took a quick stop in the Visitor’s Center.  There are a couple hiking trails, but it was pouring rain, so we staying in the truck for the most part. 
One very interesting thing we saw was this sign on a person’s fence – now this is not the neighbor one brings a Bundt cake when they move-in:

Eventually we found ourselves on No Name Key, a popular destination if only for the name. The well-known No Name Pub is known for the pizza and their No Name t-shirts, however we chose the Caesar salad (Suzanne) and Grouper Sandwich (Brad). Both good and large portioned, however slow service. Speaking of service, we noticed that all of the waitstaff – bartender & hostess included – smiled and were pleasant, but not our waitress – to any of her tables. We said something to the hostess at the end of the meal, who replied with a genuine apology and said she hears it all the time (so fire her). We decided that since part of eating out is to enjoy the experience as well as the food, in the future if we have a grumpy person waiting on us again, we’ll ask to move to a different section of the restaurant. One can be new, one can have a bad day, but you put on your “game face” at work.

Back to the truck in the still pouring rain, we continued south….and then found ourselves in Key West. More on that, tomorrow! :-) 

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