Friday, November 23, 2012

Our Workamping Jobs at Sun-n-Fun RV Resort, Sarasota, Florida

Well, we’ve been working a week now and it’s pretty interesting! 

First, let’s catch-up on some changes…….. When we were originally hired, it was for Guest Services, which means that our jobs consisted of checking-in people for the Park Model rental units (the Welcome Center checks-in RV’ers), handling the phones, managing work orders, fielding request, directing traffic in the front office, etc…… Once we arrived, we met with our boss to check-in and fill-out the usual start-of-job paperwork. Okay, no big deal. The next day she called and offered us a new job – to be Advisors, meaning, we’d work with the reservations and sale of park models. We thought about it for a bit, then said yes. Why? Well, lots of reasons – in part, we find the Advisor job more interesting – we each have a desk, answer phones, make reservations (for those calling-in or drive-by), have more autonomy as we tour people around the part to show them the facilities, can simply walk around the pool for some fresh air and meet-and-greet guests, can learn a lot more about the Campground Manager system and selling park models, etc…. We also earn a bit of commission on reservations we make and park models we sell, so financially, it was a no-brainer decision.

After just a couple days of doing this “new” job, we are definitely sure we made the right decision. So far, so good! We work in a large office with people who are very nice and extremely helpful as we muddle our way through the learning curve of a new job. The people who come to Sun-n-Fun have all been great to work with, and they’ve all been very patient as we explain we’re “newbies” and are just getting our feet wet. We’ll post more about Sun-n-Sun at another time, happenings beyond the job and all that. 

We are enjoying the park ~ there are great outside and inside pool facilities, a very nice wellness center (exercise building), nice facilities, and a huge dog park for Zoey to exhaust all of her energy! We haven’t had time to enjoy too many of the sports, cards, games, crafty activities, but will get there eventually. 

As we said, we earn a bit of commission on reservations and sales, so if you are looking for either an RV site or Park Model (to rent or buy), give us a call: 1-800-843-2421 and ask for either of us.
Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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