Friday, November 2, 2012

Joe Patti’s Seafood Market & The Oar House Restaurant, Pensacola, Florida

Joe Patti’s Seafood Market 

When we visited the National Navy Aviation Museum the other day, the woman behind the counter mentioned Joe Patti’s Seafood Market as a fun place to check-out and The Oar House as a good place to eat, so off we went!

JoePatti’s is a seafood market that was started in the 1930’s. There was a huge variety of fresh fish, as well as live lobsters and various accoutrements to enjoy with your fresh fish. We enjoyed meandering the fresh fish market and small grocery, but not being big fish eaters (at least not the kind we have to cook ourselves), we enjoyed the market more for the atmosphere, rather than the food. We did see a couple pelicans along the docks as well.

The Oar House 

Now if you know Brad, you know he was getting hungry, (Question of the day ~ When is Brad not hungry?) so we went to the recommended The Oar House for lunch.  Brad had fish tacos and Suzanne crab cakes (her favorite) – both were very good and we were glad to have followed the recommendation.  After lunch, Brad decided to do a little fishing ~ check out what he caught! :-)
Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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Jim and Gayle said...

Glad you're having fun in Pensacola. It's a nice trip down memory lane for us!

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