Sunday, November 4, 2012

Brad Save a Turtle & Killer Seafood Restaurant, Mexico Beach, FL

We went for a drive today to explore the nearby town of Port St. Joe ~ just meandered for a while checking out the area.  While driving down one road, a turtle was crossing and barely halfway to her/his(?) destination and there was potential on-coming traffic. Superman Brad to the rescue! He jumped out of the car, gently picked-up the turtle, and deposited her/him(?) safely in the grass in the direction she/he(?) was going. Whew! This is the same guy that will relocate a spider or ladybug, and has been known to use a blow-dryer to de-ice frozen hummingbird food (because microwaved hummingbird food might not be healthy for the birds). Want to read more about saving turtles while they cross the road? Here ya go: the turtle rescue league.
After the turtle saving, of course we were hungry. We heard that the best restaurant in town was Killer Seafood, so off we went! As we shared before, Suzanne’s not much of a seafood eater, so she was happy with the chicken poboy (sub sandwich, to those not familiar with the southern term). Brad had one of their well-known dishes: grilled fresh tuna tacos. The review: double thumbs up! Now, the restaurant isn’t much to look at; just one of those local diners that has great food. Definitely this is a place to enjoy a lunch or dinner!
Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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