Friday, June 29, 2012

Enjoying the Badlands National Park, South Dakota

By looking at these pictures one can understand why the early settlers gave this unique area the name Badlands. It seems that nothing really grows in this poor eroded soil and the landscape is very difficult to transverse. We can understand their perspective back then, but today this area offers a one of a kind landscape to see and experience. 


It was Suzanne's birthday, so she got to decide what to do, so the Badlands it was! We drove the Badlands Loop Road, which goes through the heart of the Badlands. There are many overlooks to stop and view this amazing landscape ~ there are views from the top of the ridges and from bottom of the prairie looking up.  

This road eventually leads to the Ben Reifel Vistor Center. Here there is a movie about the park, museum like exhibits, a bookstore and a working lab where scientists can be seen cleaning fossils that were found in the park. Because of the mass erosion, there is a high number of prehistoric fossils that are found in the area.

We were told that the park's bison could be seen from Sage Creek Road, so off we went. Sage Creek is in the far western side of the park. It is a very good gravel road that connects with the Badlands Loop Road. 

We weren't disappointed with the scenery from this road either, for it offered great views of the prairie, large colonies of prairie dogs (Zoey enjoyed stopping at several of these) 

and of course a few bison.

A unique landscape and a national park that is a must see if one is in the area.

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John and Carol said...

The Badlands is a "must see". It is a weird and wonderful place. Great photos!

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