Friday, June 1, 2012

Brad’s Childhood, South Dakota

Brad spent much of his childhood actually living near Mt. Rushmore ~ he spent a few years in Hill City and a few more years in Rapid City. When Brad was in early elementary school, a year after a family vacationed to the Black Hills area, his parents decided to leave their jobs and with another family, open a gift shop on Main Street of Hill City. Now we’re not sure exactly which shop was their's as the storefronts have changed (it was called Tara Teepee at the time), but it was one of these stores.
The first few weeks, the family lived in the back of the store and Brad (and his brother Brian) walked a block down the street to school:

Eventually Brad’s parents purchased a single-wide trailer and lived about five miles out of town.  Although the trailer is no longer there, the spot remains……….

One of Brad’s endearing stories of his childhood was his bus driver, Benny (who also owned the trailer park). Seems like the best seat on Benny’s bus was behind the driver, since that’s where he kept his shotguns, to kill deer to- and from- school. (Slightly different times these days, wouldn’t you say!) Brad remembers that as a child, it was with great excitement if Benny was late, as that meant he got a deer, and it would be strapped over the hood of the bus. 
This was the corner all the kids watched, waiting to see Benny’s kill:


After a few years, Brad’s parents sold their half of the shop to their friends and move to “the big city” ~ Rapid City.  Here they purchased a house:

Brad skated on this pond in the winter

And they lived here until moving back to Iowa when Brad was in high school and his brother Brian (Can you say “Brad’s brother Brian” three times fast?) graduated.

So that’s the story of Brad’s childhood!  :-)
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