Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Workamping for the Mt. Rushmore Historical Association

Well, we’ve been working for the Mt, Rushmore Historical Association Bookstores for a week now and still learning lots and having fun. We’re actually doing two different jobs:

Suzanne is a bookstore sales associate – her responsibilities are mainly to sell – books, coins, stamps, etc….  She also sells memberships to the Mt. Rushmore Historical Association, which gives members 15% in our bookstore, as well as dozens of other cooperative historical association bookstores (ex: Yellowstone & Grand Canyon).

Brad is the storeroom guy – restocks the shelves in the three bookstores and one audio tour store throughout the park.  He’s responsible for checking-in shipments and making sure the stores are well stocked. He gets to walk around the monument grounds everyday and chat with visitors to the park.  Brad had the option to choose this or a sales associate like Suzanne, but this arrangement basically guarantees us the same hours each day, as well as a regular 8ish to 5ish schedule. (In the summer, the bookstores are open 8am – 10pm, and we like a more “regular” schedule.)

Since people are curious ~ we are committed to five months working here (we wanted to be in the area for an entire season) we are paid for all hours worked (32-40 per week) and a full hook-site is included (electric, water, sewer – nothing else). We are also given a VIP card that allows us free or reduced rates into many Black Hills and other area attractions, and we will definitely use these on our days off!

In addition to all this, Brad's still restringing RV Blinds............
Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

sounds like a good gig to have.

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