Thursday, May 10, 2012

What is the Mount Rushmore Historical Association?

As we posted yesterday, we are working for the Mount Rushmore bookstores.  These are not the gift shops where you buy shorts and magnets – this is the non-profit bookstore that, after expenses, all proceeds go to the monument and pay for things like the Junior Ranger Program, the flags that wave at the Avenue of Flags, the salary for seasonal rangers, the publications that you get when you come to the monument, and more.  The bookstores are located at the Information Center, the Visitor’s Center and in the summer, the Sculptor’s Studio.  Along with selling books, coins, CDs, stamps, etc…  we sell tax deductible memberships to the Mount Rushmore Historical Association ($30 Individual and $50 Family) that give members a 15% discount at our bookstores, discounts at cooperative bookstores (50+ of them) throughout the US, and some other perks.  If you’re in the area, email us and find out where we will be working ~ we’d love to say HI!

How did we find out about this fabulous opportunity? Workamper News, of course!!

Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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