Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Alpine Inn, Hill City, South Dakota

After touring around Custer State Park, we continued to celebrate Brad’s birthday with dinner at the Alpine Inn in Hill City. (Incidentally, Brad grew-up in the area and spent three years in Hill City, but more on that later.) 

So here’s the entire dinner menu for the Alpine Inn: 
  • Filet Mignon, bacon-wrapped ~ choice of 6oz or 9oz 
  • Baked potato 
  • Texas toast 
  • Wedge of lettuce with homemade ranch dressing. 
Yes, that’s it. The 6oz costs $9.95 and the 9oz $11.95. So the only decision to make (besides wine and dessert) is the size of your filet mignon. The food was very good, no doubt. And for a week day, during pre-tourist season, the place was packed! The desserts all looked incredible, and we shared a Roasted Apple Napoleon. We both chose the large filet, and Brad will enjoy many meals of leftovers! 

The only down-side, although the server was nice, the service wasn’t great, and the hostess wasn’t friendly or accommodating either. Not accommodating meaning that when Suzanne privately asked the hostess if Brad’s dessert could get a candle for his birthday, she said to talk to the waitress. But Suzanne didn’t want Brad to know about a surprise candle. Thus, not accommodating. In case you want to know how it ended – right in front of Brad, Suzanne asked the waitress for said candle, which ended up being a cool sparkler, and all was good. 

Two notes
1. The Alpine Inn takes only cash or checks. 
2. If it’s your birthday, you get dessert at half-price. (But no surprise candle.) 

Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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John and Carol said...

We liked to go to the Alpine Inn for dinner too. Happy Birthday!

We were camphosts at Sheridan Lake NF just down the road last summer. Service can be hit or miss at times but the food is always delicous.

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