Monday, April 23, 2012

Santa Fe Skies RV Park, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe Skies RV Park is a nice park overall, large sites, many pull-throughs, a bit expensive ($40/night back-in; $43 pull-through) situated just south of the Santa Fe tourist attractions, about 10 miles. The people in the office are nice, there is free WiFi, and a fully-enclosed off-leash dog area (although dirt, nor grass or rock). We’ll stay here a couple nights while we enjoy some of the many attractions of Santa Fe. Stay tuned!!

Here’s a cool thing ~ we were outside wrapping-up a blind repair conversation and suddenly a woman came by and recognized us (and Zoey, of course) from the blog! It was Debbie of Debbie & Scott ( We chatted a bit, but we had t go to a shade repair job, so we’ll connect more with them later. Small world!!!

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