Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Exploring Santa Fe, New Mexico

We visited Santa Fe in the early 1990’s when we were dating and on a long road trip – back then we were tent campers! (Very different now in a 38’ fifth wheel!) We were looking forward to going to the downtown area again while in the area, but first had a big shade repair job to do (five shade restringing for one rig), so we didn’t get out until 2pm-ish. Our feelings about the downtown are mixed – we have fond memories of really liking the area – finding it quaint and charming, however it is not that way now. Although there are still some great restaurants and art galleries, stores to shop and Native American jewelry to purchase (photo above), there was a plethora of “cruising” cars and motorcycles – young kids (nope, we’re not getting old – they were high school/college age) going around and around Santa Fe Plaza (the downtown area) with music blaring, revving motors, stopping anywhere, etc… Even the big blue postal boxes have graffiti spray painted all over them. So though Santa Fe was once delightful,  now not-so-much, which was disappointing.

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