Friday, March 23, 2012

Week 8 of Workamping, Mesa Regal RV Resort, Mesa, Arizona

Well Week 8 has come to a close with the same-ole, same-ole routine at work ~ Brad and other workampers continued to move a variety of items to and form various places, storing some things until next season, fixing some things from this season – just lots of odds & ends – many of which involved glitter, since he came home with lots of it all three work days this week!
Suzanne’s classes continue to do very well, and practiced “silent time” where there were no verbal words allowed – only signing.  It is amazing how much people have learned in eight short weeks!
The big thing this past week was a celebration on Thursday night for all the workampers (40 of us!) given my Mikki and Starr, our bosses. They went above-and-beyond in showing their appreciation for everyone – we had a steak (and good, hearty steaks at that) dinner with baked potatoes, baked beans, salad, rolls, and awesome cookies for dessert.  Beer, wine, and soda flowed freely, along with singing and karaoke. It was a great time and it was very generous of them to organize this and let us know how much they appreciate all of the workampers.

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