Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mesa Market Place Swap Meet, Mesa, Arizona

If you’re a shopper or enjoy meandering around looking at “stuff,” then the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet is the place for you! This is a 55 acre, 1600 booth marketplace of mostly new items, ranging from clothes, shoes, books, kitchen gadgets, golf things, to "you-name-it, it’s-here-to-buy" shopping extravaganza. We spent a few hours here winding our way through the many booths, taking in the experience.

The marketplace is totally covered and free, as well as free parking, and 100% wheelchair accessible. It is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7am to 4pm with live music in the food court starting at 9am. Speaking of the food court, there are coupons to a handful of vendors, including two breakfast for $2 per person comprising of eggs, toast, hash browns, and coffee, which we enjoyed!

Happy Shopping!!

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joan wells said...

Hello from Mesa Market Place Swap Meet! Thank you so much for mentioning us on your blog! We really are 'recreational shopping with local flair.

We wish you well on your adventures and travels in this wonderful United States!

Thanks again, Joan Wells

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