Friday, March 30, 2012

Last Week of Workamping (well, almost…..) - Mesa Regal RV Park, Mesa, Arizona

We made it! Our first workamping job is done (almost).  Suzanne’s American Sign Language classes celebrated their last class by having a party where many students from the different RV resorts met for a “silent” couple of hours.  Well, the intent was that it would be “silent” and people would only use sign language to communicate, but that didn’t happen! :-)  But it was a good time and ended with hugs and well-wishes for all.

Brad finished his week doing the usual – moving things form one park to another, storing items, working with other workampers, etc….    The “almost” being done workamping is because Brad (and maybe Suzanne) was asked to please help with a big haul on Monday morning, and of course, he said yes.

So what do we take from our first workamping gig?
  1. We met great, great people.  Both if us were fortunate to interact with fun, enjoyable, happy people everyday we worked.  Although this lifestyle is somewhat transient, we look forward to reconnecting with many of these folks at another time and another place.
  2. Know what is expected of the job up-front.  When we took this gig, we knew Brad would work on the “Décor Team,” but we weren’t 100% sure what that meant.  We assumed that it was preparing for events (e.g. setting up chairs, organizing, etc…), but it really was more behind-the-scenes. It worked out perfectly fine, but had it not, it would have made this a long couple of months. 
  3. Workamping definitely helps the budget!  More than simply saving camping fees, we drove the truck less, ate out less, and entertained ourselves by enjoying the resort amenities. (Of course, Zoey blew the budget this month with her root canal!)
We would definitely come back and workamper here next year if we planned on coming back to the area. We felt very appreciated all the time, enjoyed ourselves, and worked with great people.

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