Friday, December 30, 2011

Villagefest, Palms Springs, California

A Thursday evening tradition in Palm Springs is to enjoy the free Villagefest along North Palm Canyon drive. We’ve been before (read about it here) and not much has changed in the three years since we’ve been here ~
  • Ask A Rabbi still has a kiosk ~celebrating the second night of Hanukkah this year with a giant menorah, music and candles
  • Freaky “armadillo man” ~ he pretends to play his violin to a CD while an air machine blows his cape open is still here………..
  • the guy who spray paints “art” while using household items (tape dispenser, ruler, cardboard) to “create” is still here……..
  • the same produce and food stands are still here….
  • many of the same arts-and-craft vendors are still here……

But it’s still a fun evening out to see all the people, enjoy some food, perhaps buy a few things and walk along the street.

Definitely something to do if you’re in the Palm Springs area on a Thursday evening. Have fun!

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