Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cabazon Outlets & Morongo Casino, Cabazon, California

First We Shopped~
We were not done shopping yet, as we hadn’t “dropped,” so back to the outlet malls today ~ this time to the Cabazon Outlets, just by the Desert Hills Premium Outlets we went yesterday. A much smaller area, this outlet mall has stores such as Rockport, Le Creuset, Columbia Sportswear, and CAbi.  Be sure to stop in the Customer Service office first, as you can get a free Preferred Customer Card for additional savings at the stores, such as 10% of your purchase at Columbia Sportswear or $20 off  a $100 purchase at Adidas. The cool thing about the Preferred Customer Card is that you can you the same one at any of their other outlets centers, such as Citadel Outlets in CA, the Outlets at Anthem in Phoenix, AZ, or Woodburn Company Stores in Portland, OR.

Then We Ate~
After we shopped, we ate.  This time at the Morongo Casino Resort – their lunch buffet.  Now, we’re not big buffet people, but this buffet is $10.95 and we each got a $10 food credit for signing up for the Morongo Casino Winners Club, so it’s hard to go wrong for 95-cents! There was a vast amount of food from all over the globe ~ Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Vegetarian, American (Roast Beef/Turkey, fried chicken & mashed potatoes), salads, and tons of desserts. Needless to say, we’re full!

Did We Gamble?
No, but check this out ~ so in California casinos cannot have dice games (e.g. craps) or games with a ball (e.g. roulette).  As you may recall, we like to play craps………but without dice, how does it work? Well, get this ~ the guy that sits in the middle, across from the stickman, between the two staff that manage most of the bets, has two piles of cards that come of a shoot like the ones used in Blackjack. The cards are Ace through 6, each to represent the numbers on a die. The “dealer” pulls one card from each shoot, and those are the “dice.” So if a 4 and 2 are pulled, then the point is a 6. A “hard six” is two 3-cards. Get it?  Yeah, no yelling “same dice” when one flies from the table, no “S/he was a hot shooter last time.” talk among the players – none of it. It was the quietest, sublime game we saw.  In case you’re wondering, roulette was played like Keno – ping-pong balls flying in a glass case and people bet on computerized boards.

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