Friday, February 20, 2009

Viewpoint RV & Golf Resort, Mesa, Arizona

Viewpoint RV & Golf Resort is a very large resort (hundreds of sites), yet more of a mobile home park, as there are a large number of mobile homes with a small area dedicated to RV spaces, and other RV spaces interspersed among the mobile homes. After checking-in and touring the resort, we sort of have mixed feelings.

The positives first ~

  • Lots & lots of activities! In fact, we were a bit overwhelmed at the number, and we can see why people enjoy spending months here.
  • The staff so far seems very nice.
  • The facilities are extremely nice – there are three swimming pools, spas, sauna, multiple card rooms, a billiard room with 12 tables, a very large library, ballroom, a great fitness room, restaurant, well-kept softball field, nice looking gold course, two grassy dog areas, 10 tennis courts, horseshoe pits, beauty shop on site, masseuse on site – and so on…. Imagine it, and it’s probably here.

The negatives ~

  • Expensive. We’re not sure why we decided to stay here – perhaps when we knew we’d need to be in the Phoenix area this week, this was the only place with an opening….. In addition, they charge a $3 per day “resort fee” – just gives one the feeling of being nickel-and-dimed.
  • WiFi – They use TengoNet and self-admittedly tell people that it is not reliable nor is it free. One would think with the price of the park (and that “resort fee”) it would be free and reliable, but alas, no on both accounts.
  • Laundry – There are two very large & nice laundry rooms, but you have to first purchase a card to use in their machines (which costs $2) and then use the cards exclusively (no coins). So, if you do not use the entire amount on the card – you lose out. Again, there's that " nickel-and-dimed" feeling......


Lee Marks said...

Usery Mountain Regional Park ( just north in Mesa. It's not a "resort" but it's beautiful and peaceful (and reasonably priced).

Jerry and Suzy said...

Do you have a Passport America membership? There are several parks in the Mesa / Phoenix area that offer up to 7 nights at half price, even during the winter season. Two or three nights using this program pays for the membership. And Viewpoint is a Passport park! Unfortunately, they don't accept Passport in the winter.

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