Monday, October 20, 2008

Yosemite Lakes Campground, outside of Yosemite National Park, California

We always kept the idea of going to Yosemite National Park in the back of our minds as we worked our way down the California coast, and decided that if the weather was good when we were (relatively) near Yosemite, then we would head over ~ and here we are! We're are staying at Yosemite Lakes Campground, which is 5 miles west of the Yosemite National Park border. It is an RPI park, and is large, nearly 250 sites. However, being it's not the summer season, there is just one area open to RVs, with minimal amenities available (such as the activity center). There are full hook-ups, free wifi at the clubhouse, a great laundry room with front-loading washers and dryers, a clubhouse with adult area, and the usually book exchange. There are only a few staff here this time of year, and everyone has been very nice and accommodating.

One additional item to share ~ for lunch we went to in-n-out ~ Suzanne had never been and we've heard about this chain for years, so we tried it. Pretty much they have three things on their menu - a hamburger, a cheeseburger, and a double-double. They make their own fries right there as well - a guy stands at a french fry-making machine and tosses potatoes in it and - walla! -french fries! So we're not much into fast food, and the burgers were good, as well as the fries, they were better than White Castles (sorry friends from New Jersey), and the staff was impressively friendly, but we're not so sure we'd eat at an in-n-out again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about In-n-Out burgers. All these years I thought I was really missing something. Maybe not!!

Have you had some good wine???


Suzanne and Brad said...

Hi Denise!
Well, if you haven't eaten at an In-n-Out, then definitely give it a try, but we all know that your cooking is much, much better!!!! (And we miss it.)

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